The reason why I do not recommend a purchase Mac if someone who asks me "Mac is good?." / こんな人には個人的にMacをお勧めしない理由

English and Japanese


First of all

"Do you think Mac is good?" my friends always ask me. At the time, I can't understand why they ask me the question because the answer depends, and if the question point is on the quality, in my opinion, it's better than Windows, but just remember, it's for me. Actually, I can't answer it because I do not know how you usually use your laptop. If I know that, probably I will answer the question for you or I can give you advice.

There is some reason that if you ask me the question, I will say "NO" FOR YOU.

  1. You have to memorize how to use new OS for you again.
    Do you know how to use Windows? You don't have any problem with Windows? Can you look it up by yourself when you are in trouble with computers? If you can say "Yes." maybe you can use apple products, but still I don't know it's good for you or not.
  2. Do you have the environment you can ask about Mac.
    Maybe, they will help you when you have problems with Apple products, but you don't have it, don't buy it.
  3. If you are in companies, you should use Windows.
    If you can cope with interchangeability between Windows and OSX, nobody criticize you for using Apple products. If you do not understand what interchangeability is, don't buy it. Otherwise, I think you will say "Sorry."
  4. You cannot use OSX like windows.
    "Why I can't reload the page when I push the F5!?" "Why I can't close this application? I clicked the ×!!" "How can I eject this USB!?" Something like this. You should understand what OS is. OSX is not alternative OS to Windows.
  5. "I cannot find the free software such as Windows!!"
  6. I want to be COOL!!
    "You know, if I buy Mac and go to Starbucks then I will use Mac!! Sooo cool!! I will do that!!" If someone who is using Mac in Starbucks, then he/she is programming, maybe it's cool.(Again, maybe) But I mean it depends on the user. The reality is different and merciless. (Come on cute girls!!)

I don't know why people who are using OSX can use Windows also.

Even thought they've used OSX, they can answer that how to use Windows. I think because they can find the solutions on Google. So I think if you find something you want to know about computers, you can use OSX anyway.




  1. "Macっていいの?"って前者の意味で聞いてきたやつ
  2. ブラウジングとメールと基本的なことしか使わない
  3. 自分の周りにMacについて聞ける人がいない人
  4. フリーソフト使いたい人
  5. 自分でとりあえず調べられない人 Google先生に聞けない人はきっと大変
  6. 機械に弱い人
  7. 会社や学校で使う人